Private Clubs: Grand Harbor Golf & Beach Club

Course Architect
Joe Lee (River Course) and Pete Dye (Harbor Course)
Number Of Courses
Max Yardage
Membership Type
Membership Fees
Full: $75,000
Sports: $25,000 (Resident of GH Only)
Membership Dues
Full $16,850
Sports $10,003 (Residents of GH Only)
Unique Features
A broad range of amenities including 2 golf courses, golf clubhouse, beach club on the Atlantic Ocean, championship tennis facilities and one of the largest marinas on the east coast of Florida.

Golf Course Views

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Score Card: River Course

Score Card: Harbor Course

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Residential Community
Community Name
Grand Harbor
Housing Types
A broad range of homes in the Mediteranean style including single family, condominium, courtyard homes and more.
Price Range
$229,000 to $3,000,000

Representative Housing

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